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The Under the Crown® Collection has an extensive array of estate, period and antique jewelry as well as loose diamonds and gemstones.

Loose Diamonds:
Modern Cuts: Round Brilliant; Emerald Cut; Asscher Cut; Pear Shape; Marquise; Oval; Radiant; Princess; Briolette Cut

Older Cuts: Rose Cuts; Old Mine Cuts; European Cuts; Navette Shape; Asscher Cut; Transitional Round Cut

Reclaimed Antique and Vintage Diamonds: The Crown Jubilee® 

Natural Color Diamonds: Yellow; Blue; Pink; Blue

All Sizes, Color and Clarity, GIA Certificates

Jewelry Periods:
Georgian, Victoria, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro (40's), 50's, Modern

Colored Gemstones: Emerald; Ruby; Sapphire; Garnet; Opal; Jade; Tourmaline; Spinel; Peridot; Precious Topaz; Natural Pearls; Cultured Pearls

Signed Jewelry:
Tiffany, Cartier, Patek Phllipe, David Webb, Castellani, Carlo Guiliano, C&A Guiliano, Van Cleef et Arpels,Dreicer, Rolex, Marcus, JE Caldwell, Gautrait, Galliard, Lalique, La Cloche Freres,Drayson, Black Starr & Frost, Faberge, Bulgari, Buccellati, Oscar Heyman, Baily Banks & Biddle (BB&B), Paul Flato, Harry Winston, Graff and other notable retailers and manufacturers


Simply Engaging® Period, Antique and Estate Engagement Diamond Rings and Wedding Bands.

The Crown Jubilee® - Our propriatory diamond and gemstone cut using reclaimed antique and vintage stones. These table-less stones have floral facets, which come to a subtle point at the top of the stone. 

Time For Elegance®
 Collection of Pre-Owned Watches:Patek Phillipe, Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Piquet,Blanc Pain, Malin, Boucheron,Omega, Hamilton, Vacheron plus many unbranded watches from all periods

Timeless Diamonds®  Diamonds that have great value as well as sentimental value that has been cut in and earlier time period and re-set into a setting manufactured in a later time period(Example: and ld Mine Cut Diamond Cut in 1880 and then re-set into a setting made in 1950)

DocuJewel®  Accompanies all Items Purchased 

The Royal Flush Collection ®  "The Cards are in your hand" (and Ears,Wrist, Fingers, Neck) Start with an Engagement Ring; then onto a Wedding Band. An Anniversary gift: possibly a pair of Diamond Earrings. A special event gift: Diamond Bracelet or Necklace. And if you purchase and enjoy more than 5 pieces of jewelry from Under the Crown: you truly are the winner!