Hand Carved 3 Sided Gryllus Intaglio

DocuJewel® 38472.15
Type of Jewel: Unmounted Intaglio/Cameo

3 Sided Polished and Carved Agate= 76.30ct
The theme of this 3 sided carving is of three Gryllus which is a group of conjoined heads. The name derives from the Latin meaning of caricature. Grylli carvings are usually fanciful combinations of beasts and humans, often with mythological associations beleived to protect the wearer from harm.
3 Intaglios (one on each face):
-- Head of a Man with a a scorpion as an arm, and a tail of a scorpion his torso has Rooster feet standing on a snake with it's fangs out. 2 Stars on either side of the main charter.

-- Head of a Ram, the horn is a snail shell in which is a horse is coming out of the end. A cricket stands on the top of the Horse's mane, holding the horse's reins. Two stars are above and below the Ram's head.

-- Two woman's faces, one face is of an elephant's trunk and one with a boar snout.