The Crown Jubilee®


The Crown Jubilee® is our proprietary diamond and gemstone cut using reclaimed antique and vintage stones. There is only one diamond cutter in the world that is able and authorized to fashion these stones with perfection.

Our philosophy comes from the “old school” diamond cutting world where stones were cut and polished without the aid of any computer generated models or technology. By understanding the way these reclaimed stones were initially cut, we can minimize weight loss and maximize sparkle.

These stones are table-less, and have floral facets that come to a peak at the center of the stone. The unique faceting pattern allows light to remain in the stone longer, reflecting and refracting, to increase sparkle and brilliance. These reclaimed and once-cherished stones are ready to be reloved once again.

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Branded Cut

The Crown Jubilee® is the first branded proprietary diamond cut that is recut from post-consumer diamonds.


Our Crown Jubilee® diamonds come in two shapes: round and cushion. We maintain the original outlines of the stones, therefore preserving the antique and vintage charm of the Old World.

Reclaimed / Eco-Friendly / Sustainable / Repurposed

Each Crown Jubilee® diamond is recut from old material, primarily dating between 1860-1915. The stones have been acquired, often with chips and abrasions from years of wear. Crown Jubilee® diamonds are never cut from rough material.

Antique & Vintage

Before the Industrial Revolution and the existence of electricity, diamonds were cut on the diamond wheel by foot-pedal power. The goal was to maximize the weight of the finished gem, rather than cut for perfect symmetry, resulting in one-of-a-kind diamonds.

GIA’s Proprietary Natural Diamond Report

Each diamond is graded and analyzed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s foremost authority on diamonds. The GIA recognizes the Crown Jubilee® as one of the first branded diamonds for their new branded proprietary diamond reports.

Laser Inscribed

Each stone has “CROWN JUBILEE” and the GIA report number laser inscribed for identification purposes. These inscriptions are microscopic and can be found on the girdle of the diamond.


In addition to diamonds, we are also cutting reclaimed colored stones into the Crown Jubilee®. Current gemstones include: sapphires, peridots, zircons and aquamarines.

Crown Jubilee® diamonds have been recut across the diamond color spectrum, from “near colorless” to natural fancy colored diamonds. These varying color tones give these already unique stones beautiful personalities.
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Diamonds of all clarity grades have been recut into Crown Jubilees®. Each stone is graded by the GIA, and all inclusions are plotted on our diamond diagram on the Diamond Grading Reports.
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Antique and vintage diamonds we love today are often unique in character because they were originally cut to maximize carat size. We preserve the original outline of each stone to maintain its charm. Crown Jubilee® diamonds are recut from Old Mine Cut and Old European Cut diamonds, resulting in cushion and round shapes.

While the shapes of each diamond will all be different, the faceting pattern remains the same. These stones are table-less, and have floral facets that come to a peak at the center of the stone.
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Prior to the Industrial Revolution, diamond cutters were the experts to determine and envision the final weight and cut of the rough gem. Our goal is to minimize weight loss when refashioning these stones.

The finished stone remains a one-of-a-kind piece to be cherished again. Available diamond and gemstone sizes range from 1/3 carat and up.

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